1. Time Heals

From the recording Time Heals

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Conchez Yout: "Living like Don cheadle
Sipping Up on Mojitos
Feel like a drug dealer selling kilos
Money come & go i just reload
Eating Dinner at Cleo
When to punta cana &
almost drowned in the Cenote
Lost My Wedding Ring
Good thing my wife
Didn’t peep tho
cause we know ..yeah
It would of been murder she wrote
Never ego Tripping
Keep the soul like im Neo
Me Dill & Jah Still the Trio
Like the migos nigga"

Dillmatic: "Summer time
On the Rooftops
Chillin out
In the Boondocks
Playing tunes off a Jukebox
Sipping out of a juice box
Use to be in church
With the tube stocks
Saturday cartoons
Jimmy neutron
My bed was a futon
Mama using Groupon
We was getting
Our hoop on
Bizzie had
The Two tone
Jesus piece
With the
Roof gone
Taking flights
Im Too flown
Visit my granny
Trini family
I’m home grown
Blowing O’s
Out this ozone
Flow frio
It’s Coldstone
Tryna reach
A Milestone
These hoes
Get the Dial tone
Numbers rising
Like Dow Jones
Still bumping
That Jim jones
]I always
Stay Ten toe
niggas quick
To switch
no Nintendo
I’m saying yo"

Conchez Yout: We all human
Member days i use to
Go to church & take communion
Now i wake up early every morning
For the union
Me & bae just made 2 years
On our union
Thankful for the blessings
That the Lord just keep on Doing
Had my permit for five years &
Had to renew it
25 & I still aint got my licenses
What im doing?
So fucking indecisive
Im just trynna keep righteous
I don’t know why i am like this
just wanna do whats right tho
Shit be getting me tight tho
hit the Blunt like its Nitro
We was never the type to
Be apart of the hype Tho
Got it Covered Like Geico
Fuck going viral
I Rather listen to Vinyls"

Dillmatic: "Jah playing
For Jacksonville
Roll one up
to catch a feel
Young niggas
Feen to catch a kill
Taking lines &
They Popping pills
When shit be at
A standstill
Life be going
Tryna live like
I’m Grant hill
But I ain’t gotta
Record deal
Gotta pay the
Electric bill
Rent due
& some other
Won’t stop
Till my dreams
I’m rare like
two dollar bills
I believe in
Gods will
Don’t tell me my
Cuz Mentally ill
Them doctors
Stupid forreal
The truth is
Always revealed
We was just
playing the Field
That’s why I
Walk with my shield
No Achille’s
I’m on ya heels
& Niggas know
The drill
But they told me
Time heals
So till then
I’ma sit back
& plot
On these mills
Ju hurddd"